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Dominator 4x4 products are 100% Australian made!  World class quality, nothing compares on the current market!
Our angled rock sliders are made with the best quality Australian tubular steel. Made with one piece folded 'U' shaped brackets for easy installation to your car, with no welding required. 8.8 high tensile bolts are also included. 

A strong slider that also looks stylish and doesn't compromise ground clearance.

Our approach is simple - NO gimmicks, just the strongest, most professionally made sliders on the market.


The rock sliders come in 2 different sizes in wall thickness and a choice of finish in raw or powder coated (Satin Black or Sahara Black).
Extreme - 48.3mm x 4mm pipe - 56kg per pair 
Ultimate - 48.3mm x 5mm pipe - 60kg per pair

This allows you to add a substantial amount of strength to the slider, without the need to go up in the outside diameter of the pipe.

The outside rail on all sliders will remain at 4mm (blue in the photo below).                  
The inside rail and legs is where the wall thickness will be upgraded (orange in the photo below).